Setting Yardage

Sighting for distances is boring to me.  I almost feel like I am wasting time. Still, it has to be done.

New limbs with new poundage mean changing elevation graduation on the sight to match distance.  When I do this I start at 20 yards and work back to 80 yards.  I do this in five-yard increments. It takes a long time.

A little low, still too low, finally pretty good

At each distance I shot 10 arrows knowing many of the ‘off’ shots are caused by me and not the bow. Once he sight graduations have been recorded I do it again.

First try at 60 yards

If only one distance is involved, like 18 meters or 70 meters, it is less time consuming.  This year I’d like to try a few 3D tournaments with my Olympic recurve.  So, the yardage marks need to be more numerous.

Shooting to my left.

It is slow work.