Seven Hot Shots

It has been really hot here in Hertford, North Carolina. Shooting paper targets, not in the woods, means no shade. The sun was so bright the pins on my sight  began to blur. After awhile my bow actually becomes hot.

On Tuesday, about an hour of shooting 100°F temperature chased me into the forest to shoot foam. There I would find some shade, a lot of biting flies, ticks, and six targets.

It was getting late and I’d already practiced on these targets earlier in the day. Despite being saturated with insect repellent the black deer flies were eating me alive. Some days the bugs in the woods are worse than others. This was a bad day.

I made a plan to shot seven shots, not too close, and record each one. I’d also go as slow as and the insects feasting on me would allow. I like to shoot fast, but in tournaments it is never fast.   I was plenty warmed up and this little exercise would give me an idea of what it would feel like during an extremely hot day during a 3D competition.

On the range there are 6 targets. Because the turkey can be shot on its sides and front I shot it twice, making the seven targets.

Here’s how it went:

Shot Number 1

My little friend the coyote at 28 yards
He’s rather shot to pieces, but that is a solid 10 or maybe a low 11. Hard to say – there’s not much of his center left.

Shot number 2

First shot at the turkey target at 32 yards
That is on the right side of the center ring

Shot Number 3

The deer is just visible at 43 yards
Yep, that will work every time

Shot Number 4

Back to the turkey for a side shot at 34 yards

Shot Number 5

The cinnamon bear is in the center at 38 yards
11 O’clock 11

Shot number 6

Wolverine at 30 yards
Go tell Mama – that’s an 11

Shot number 7

Mountain lion at 48 yards
On a roll today

After the last shot, I grabbed my equipment and took my bug bitten self into the house for first aid and air conditioning. (IBO Scoring center ring 11)