Shooting Before a Crowd

It was only practice, not some big ‘to do’ in a converted warehouse, gymnasium or arena. No, practice took place along side of my yard. Nevertheless, spectators were right on top of me.

These hard to see dragonflies lighted on my 50-meter stake only inches away from me

One shy onlooker watched me from a distance and was quick to duck away if we made eye contact for long or when I began to approach.

This is a large turtle that popped up in the river to watch archery practice – or so it seemed

Then there was this crowd in the bleachers. It was a noisy group in constant motion.

The feathered onlookers were dive bombing me

And finally, the one fellow that sat off shore a few yards and watched. Once we made eye contact, he to ducked away.

This guy watched from his boat, he left when I began to approach him.

Overall, an interesting practice session.