Shooting, eating, and worn out dogs

Warmed up and ready to shoot

We’re headed to Georgia in a few hours. Our last day in North Carolina until January 6th was a good one. We spent it shooting, eating and playing with dogs.

The day started with archery. Norman Mitchell and I met at the Soul Hunters indoor 3D range to practice. While there Woody popped in to shoot and check on a venison meal he was cooking in the oven on the side of the range. Cliff also came by to do some work, eat and talk.

Norman, also ready to shoot.

This range is harder than it looks. From the line where we shoot the maximum distance is around 34 yards. The distance isn’t the issue; it is the size and angle of the targets. Some of these little critters have mighty small X’s. The subdued lighting makes finding the X difficult.

One cool indoor range

Because I had to get back home to finish packing, for the trip to Georgia, I missed Woody’s stew. All I had time for was a sniff and a picture.

Woody’s stew

Back at the house, I packed the truck while tossing sticks and footballs for the dogs. Not the most efficient way to pack, but fun and both dogs agreed with this inefficient packing method.

Two tried dogs


The house in NC remains a construction zone so getting to Georgia has been a trip we looked forward to making. With the renovations we’ve been without a fully functional kitchen. Brenda and I got lucky when sympathetic friends; Jimmy and Amy, invited us over for dinner.

The meal was excellent – a dish that in fact had been one of my mother’s frequently prepared meals and my brother’s favorite. It was the perfect way to end a day in the country.

Amy and Brenda