Shooting in the Rain

It’s been raining all day. Not a hard rain. The rain has been light. So, I practiced in the rain.

It wasn’t raining when I got out of bed at 5:00 AM. Typically, I like to sleep until 6:00 AM. Lately, I’ve been hitting the sack earlier and as a result I am waking up earlier. I’m trying to get into a routine of waking earlier. I have a number of races with start times, over the next few months, where a 5:00 AM wake-up call is mandatory. At the ASA in Augusta I had a shoot time set for 07:30 AM. So, I figured I’d better practice getting up a little earlier than usual.

My running partners, River in the lead and Coco on her heels.

The day began with an early morning run. It wasn’t raining during the run, but looked like it might start at any moment. I started shooting a little later that usual because I had some yard work that had to be completed. Once all of that was done – it started raining.

It was warm and we stopped so the girls could have a break.

There are times when I’ve shot in 3D tournaments and it rained. Not a light rain, as today’s is, but a hard core float the Ark type rain. Today it has been gentle and not nearly hard enough to run me inside.

There will be days, I am certain, where I’ll get caught shooting in the rain. In cycling and running, events don’t stop for rain. In archery, we compete rain or shine most of the time.

Last week a 3D tournament was canceled due to rain. It wasn’t raining when the event was called off. It had been storming and the range along with parking were both mud bogs. I went and checked it out. I don’t mind mud on my truck. I suppose other more sensitive souls may have objected to mud.

You know, when we play outside we’re sometimes going to get caught in the rain. Really as long as it’s not freezing cold it doesn’t bother me. I can take the rain or I can take the cold, but I can’t take the rain and the cold.

Today’s rainy practice was fun. I shot better than usual. I think there’s an element of playing in the rain I enjoy. The bonus is now that I’m all grown up; Mama doesn’t fuss at me for getting soaking wet.