Shooting Longer Shots

The wind was a pain today. It never slowed and certainly didn’t stop. The wind made shooting in the yard, just adjacent to the river a special kind of challenge. That was in the morning where I’d been working at 18-meters. Hitting a penny-sized X at 18-meters in the wind is frustrating. Scoring a nine isn’t so tough, getting close to the X happens, but an X is a rare occurrence when you are being wafted around like a banner.

When I started shooting in the afternoon, after a dozen or so gale fought attempts an idea sprang to mind. It’s not as windy on the 3D range just across the way. Seemed to me that if I practiced long 3D shots that would be an okay substitute for 18-meters.

River enjoying a stick and perhaps thinking, “You’re going to lose another arrow” (There’s a mosquito target at the base of that tree in the center of the frame)

Last Friday, I worked on short shots. The average distance was only 24 yards with a range of 10 yards to 40 yards. Up close and personal I ended with an average score of 10.53 points per target. Often there are short shot targets sprinkled about in tournaments just to throw off archers. Typically the close shots are small targets. I was also preparing for an indoor 3D contest that featured 15 targets between 14 and 24 yards.

But, my maximum competitive distance is a tad longer and well I’m still scoring better when shooting a tad closer. So, with the wind in mind or rather in my face I decided to switch things up and see how I’d do shooting over a greater distance.

Managed at 8 at 34 yards.

On the 3D range I retreated from the wind as best as possible. The leaves are beginning to thin and there was some motion in the woods. It was, nevertheless, a whole lot better than the yard.

Just 5PM, facing west, what remains of daylight is blocked by forest on this target

I ended up shooting an average distance of 39.8 yards with the shortest shot, on a bobcat of 31 yards and the maximum distance of 53 yards at a deer. The shots yielded an average score of 8.5. A lot lower than the close up shooting from a few days ago. Every shot was either a 10 or an 8.

On the bright side, I finished practice having the same number of arrows with which I began.

Last shot of the day, 38 yards and another 10. This wasn’t my day for finding a X.