Shooting Well and Frustration Don’t Mix

Wind and Rain Messing Up the Game

Shooting well and frustration don’t mix for a good score. There are some coaches that advocate stopping when a level of frustration reaches some un-quantified peak. Where that point floats is likely below the apex of today’s aggravations.

First contributing factor, nothing controllable, the wind. Second, intermittent rain. The impact a disappointing 568 with only 19 Xs. It might not have been as irksome if the 9s had been a bit wilder. But, so many 9s so close to the X was galling.

Too many 9s

Sure, there is advice that suggests putting the bow down, taking a break, and starting fresh is the prudent course of action. I can’t quite envision offering a plea to a judge that might allow for such a break during a tournament. I shot though understanding, from past experience; there will be tournaments equally infuriating.

Just how the practice rolled