Slow and Tedious Work

Practice today was hard, it seemed like work. The plan was tedious, but necessary. When it was done, it had been hard.

To start there would only be 11 targets. There’s been so much rain here that a few of the targets are blocked by water. Sure, I can stand in the water but it makes pulling a bow down a mess. Heck, this bow and bow stand don’t really cooperate and both are frequently laying on the ground despite careful efforts to balance the two.

Those eleven targets would be shot from 20 to 45 yards at five-yard increments depending on the target. Not all targets reach 45 yards. Not all got 5 shots. That meant a total of 48 shots provided all arrows landed in the 10 ring or center 11 (IBO scoring).

Yardages and targets

If an arrow landed outside the 10 ring, at whatever yardage, there was were I stopped until I shot 5 arrows in a row into the 10 ring. Hit the 10 ring 4 times and land an 8 then it was back to the beginning. I’ve not done the exercise yet where I hit all tens are better. There always an eight or five to stop on and begin working to get things right.

I was glad to have hit a 10 on this badger at 40 yards! I did hit an 8 at 30 yards and had to stay there until I shot it 5 times in a row for 10 or higher.

It is a slow progression.