So, It’s Cold – Happens Every Winter

A good friend of mine is nearby on a business trip. He’s just up the road in Virginia Beach. It is a quick work trip so there isn’t time for us to meet. But, is nice to have heard from him. He’s also here when we’re being affected by an Arctic blast of extra cold weather.

The cold doesn’t force me inside and off of archery practice. Sure, I could drive into Elizabeth City and practice on the indoor range at PGF Outdoors and Archery. The drive takes a total of an hour. That’s an hour wasted when I can practice at home.

The Indoor range at PGF Outdoors and Archery in Elizabeth City.

Last year, I converted a storage shed into a nice room for training on a bike connected to a Computrainer. The shed is now has carpet, paneled walls, heat and air conditioning, and the walls are insulted. It stays toasty warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is ideal for archery as well.

Staying warm

For 18-meter archery practice I open one door. Move my target closer to the shed. Turn on the heat and practice shooting from inside the shed toward the target 18-meters away. Today it was just fine.

The Arctic cold that has descended upon North Carolina is frigid. The low temperature was 18°F and our high may have reached 30°F. The heater in shed kept me comfortable even with the door opened.

The glacial cold impacted the US States in the North with a greater severity than our Southern States. My friend on his business trip in Virginia is from Norwich, Vermont. In his home State the low temperature last night was 4°F and they expect about a foot of snow over the next few hours. At the moment in his home town it’s gotten worse –  the temperature is 3°F.

In front of my friend’s house in Vermont.

He did mention to me the cold we’re experiencing here in Virginia Beach and near the Outer Banks of North Carolina. He commented, “I’m glad I brought a sweater.”

When my friend returns home he can expect the temperature to have risen to perhaps 25°F. That should be suitable for shoveling snow. By then, I anticipate wearing short pants and shooting outside with a predicted temperature of 77°F on Sunday. I won’t need a sweater. In the meantime, I’m glad to have the shed.