So There’s This Rabbit….

There’s this rabbit. It comes out during afternoon practice and hangs out about seven yards from my 18-meter target. It eats, keeps an eye and ear on me and seems not to have any concerns.

Sure, it’s a rabbit. Not the smartest of God’s creatures. It has no understanding of archery. It does understand dogs. When River, my lab, is with me the rabbit knows better. Today, River was lounging in the air-conditioned house since the temperature with the heat index was 111°F. Otherwise, River would chase the rabbit, go swimming, and demand I go swimming with her. Today, however, this rabbit exhibited no worries in the world beyond a twitch or two with its ears in my direction.

Of course, there was a flash of thought that put an arrow into the rabbit. The thought never went any further. I went on shooting a 5-spot and the rabbit enjoyed a hassle free afternoon meal.