Some 3D to Break Up an 18-Meter Routine

Since August the focus of archery practice has been 18-meters. Morning, noon and night it has been 18-meters. Thousands of arrows shot into targets 18-meters away.

Across the way, a few can be seen in the distance; foam 3D targets stand unmolested by arrows for months.

Part of the reason for the 3D range’s reprieve from use has been hurricanes. Hurricanes come past, knock down trees, limbs, and blow debris everywhere – the animal practice field no exception. The mess created by an ocean born cyclone can take weeks to clear. Hurricanes Julia, Hermine and Mathews kept the range cluttered and under repair for a long stretch of the end of summer and early fall.

This past week, the last of triple crown of storms cleared, I took a break of 18-meters and shot some 3D.

I used a range finder to verify distance. It figured I’d be a bit rusty judging yardage and didn’t want to chance a miss. With the confidence of know yardage I shot out to 50 yards. The long shot yielded a five and an eight. The shorter yardage, 25 – 40 yards resulted in better marks.

What was best was getting into the woods to shoot 3D. It was a nice break from 18-meters. And now that the hurricane downed debris has been cleared, for the third time this year, I can get back to a 3D routine.