Some Days Go Better Than Others

Some tournaments go better than others. Some practice goes better than others. It’s not necessarily a matter for too much concern.

Like all athletes, I aim to improve. It’s a slow process. One thing I do, as mentioned here in then past, is to monitor and measure my results. That doesn’t mean simply how many times I win. Actually, winning is great but not my focus. I visualize hitting the center of the target, then I let the score take care of itself. Although, I also visualize accepting a podium award for the major events before tournaments. That’s not to mean I don’t track my progress.

I keep several similar graphs. Before the switch to the small 10 ring, I’d almost hit a 600. I have another graph for the larger 10 ring, but don’t practice it often.

When I began shooting a bow the outer center ring of the 3-spot was a ten and the inner smallest was an X. Less than a year later that changed. Along with the change there was a decline in my score even though I was improving as an archer. Since the change effected everyone, it’s not a bother.

By tracking my practice and competitive results I can manage my training. So long as I see a gradual increase in scores it’s good.