Some Days It Rains

Living on the coast of North Carolina, we can expect a lot of rain. As a result, the woods are thick with foliage this time of the year. That means that targets are dark and judging yardage becomes a little bit more of a challenge for me.

Mist with on again and off again rain

That in mind I set up to practice this morning during a slight drizzle and mist. There will be tournaments where it rains and I think it is good to practice in conditions that at some point will occur. Also, from here to the fall, the woods are going to be dark.

There are only four 3D targets on my home range. In order to get 20 shots I shoot each 5 times from different positions and distances. This isn’t an exact replica of a competitive 3D range during a tournament, but it is what I have for practice.

Paper at 35 yards

Prior to moving into the woods I shot at a rifle 5 spot from 20 – 55 yards at 5-yard increments. There were no perfect ends during my warm-up, however the shots were pretty good considering the conditions.

I’ve been rained on a lot when competing outside of archery. My former cycling coach, a Belgian, showed us no mercy when it came to the weather. In more than one race that wet training paid dividends. Last year during an archery tournament the rain soaked everyone. None of us has any control over the weather and barring the most extreme conditions competitions go on.

My first shot on this turkey was from 45 yards, I hit an 8

Taking a lesson from my training in other sports I practice archery year round, outside, in all sorts of conditions. Hopefully, like during my cycling, running, and triathlon, it will give me an edge when the need arises. I do use some common sense, and won’t go out in a storm.