Sponsors, Hunger Games, and a Little Cheddar

Using GoDaddy.com I check data on this website.   I also check sources that provide a test on safety and ranking.  (Need to ensure Puttingitontheline hasn’t been linked to those more nefarious sites out there.) This site is visited often and folks take their time trying to read what I’ve written.  I appreciate your efforts.

I read your paper and understood

For the most part you are not too critical regarding my writing skills.  I’ve written a lot despite my lack of sentence or paragraph construction ability.  You might even find it surprising to learn several of my “scientific” papers actually earned unsolicited awards.  Then, science types not English or writing majors reviewed those papers.

What is it they say about a fitting shoe?

Once a reader slammed my sentence structure on Facebook.  I accepted his criticism and requested he send me an example of his writing so I could learn a thing or two.  I never heard back.  The article he slammed is one of the more read and shared works.

I kept the angry review posted on Facebook for several years. If I’d get writers block I read it, have a laugh, and write something. There are many errors online that can be blamed on spellcheck and haste.  Others are simply the result of failed education.  My mad (I’d assumed he was mad based on the language he used) critic seemed to have reached his limit with either prose or me.  (Shared wisdom of Mark Twain: “I never let my schooling get in the way of my education. With that we are of the same mind despite his being long gone, perhaps missing before his demise or he was just more enlightened. The point is, the critic seemed un-educated, perhaps from a lack of opportunity or lack of effort. Both conditions can be overcome by trying.)

Despite most photos we see, Twain was not always a grey haired witty geezer.

Another obsessive-compulsive reader seems to live for typos.  One here never slips his examinations.  I’ll hear from him as soon as I post this writing. I write a lot and there are errors to support those works.

There’s a book and essay for sale here.  The book will have a few areas that might bog readers down. But, it is short and you won’t hurt yourself reading it. The book does have a paragraph or two that caused me to laugh when I read them.  Then, I knew what I was thinking when I wrote them.

The essay, while short, is a nice read.  You can buy both for under $10.00.  (Go to the Products tab to make your purchase) Do so, I’ll appreciate it. (Those last five words are one of those sentence things to excite my OCD reader.)

GoDaddy says there are about 26,000 visitors using this sight per month. That is a reason I keep writing, but not the exclusive driver.    One data site claims Puttingitontheline.com “shows us how good and useful this site is.” (1) They further had a link tempting me to recruit their support to monetize Puttingitontheline. It reminded me of a ProStaff agreement.

Alexa currently ranks Puttingitontheline.com in the top 1% of all websites.  I’m number 18 million out of 1.5 billion. Really there are only 200 million ‘active’ websites, so Puttingitontheline is among the top 9% of all ‘active’ sites. (2,3) Still, not bad.

There are a few similar websites that are more popular than this one.  Prime, the archery manufacturer, is listed as one of those sites.  They occupy a slightly higher spot on the Internet hierarchy. Archerydude.com is another site that out ranks Puttingitontheline. It is a pretty nice site with loads of commercial connections. I wonder if Archerydude is netting any cheddar. Those sites showed up in the data analysis because they had similar content as programmed in the algorithm used for the comparison.

Puttingitontheline isn’t a moneymaker.  I hope that changes.  There were “Sponsors” once on the site.  None of them truly sponsored anything.  They didn’t pay for the space.  One of the “Sponsor” top dogs claimed he was only getting about 30 referrals from my site to his per month. He let the numbers slip during our conversation. We were talking about having the company pay a little for the support and exposure they were getting form Puttingitontheline. He declined the invitation.

I estimated his company’s sales per month from those referrals to be $2250.00 or $27,000 annually. Again, the figures here are based on slipped information. The company isn’t a Wall Street titan and has an annual revenue of under $400k. The referrals meant Puttingitontheline helped add 6.75% to their earnings.  He didn’t want to share any of that so I dropped them as well as everyone else.

I’ve continued to follow the $400k company since I released them.  Their reported sales have decreased 9%. That might not mean anything because in general archery equipment sales have been dropping since 2016. (4)

Jennifer Lawrence showing us how to shoot a bow

Catching Fire, that Hunger Games movie came out in November of 2013. (5) The last of the series hit the box offices in 2015. (6) There was a peak during the Hunger Games series in archery sales. After that archery sales have settled back down to the pre-Hunger Games growth curve, if you could call it a curve. But, $27,000 is still $27,000. (The chronological drop in sales of the subject company did not line up with the movie sequence.  It did line up with their absence from Puttingitontheline.com)

Jennifer Lawrence does look better with a bow (and without one)

What I need is a movie about an old fellow that picks up a bow and becomes some kind of comic book hero to the Social Security demographic.  Maybe the hero is a wizard, like Gandalf from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, except the action takes place in the future – not Middle Earth. The Gandalf-ish character uses a magical bow to fling magical arrows saving those distressed in an apocalyptic age. (Literary trivia note:  The Hobbit was written in 1937 and has never been out of print.)

“A bow and arrow? Never!”

Should that movie develop with success the bow manufactures will reap rewards when all the silver haired movie goers decide to give archery a try. Pharma would see an uptake in beta-blocker sales and maybe some of those ex-ProStaff sponsors might fork out a few bucks for a link from here to their site.



(See those references? I don’t just make it up – not all of it.)