Stormy Weather

There’s a storm headed our way. So, afternoon practice needed to be moved up a bit before it reached us here on the Little River. Rather that shoot at 3D targets (my typical afternoon session), I lined up against a 3-spot. I figured that would beat high tailing it out of the woods should the sky open up while I was on the 3D range.


Playing it safe, I worked at 20-yards. I decided to switch around my releases and use both a hinge and a thumb. It isn’t so much a matter of which one I shot best with, it’s more a matter of which one am I most comfortable shooting.

Yesterday, I finished practice with a 59-yard shot. Today, I started practice set for another 59-yard shot. The problem was, I was aiming at a target 20-yards away. Amazingly, the potentially lost arrow hit vine in the woods and fell onto a bush. All that was needed was to walk over and pick it up. Usually, this is a more costly mistake.

The next two shots indicated I needed to adjust the elevation and windage. After that, it was smooth shooting. By the end of the session, it was clear, at least on this afternoon, I shot better with a hinge release and was very relaxed with the device.

My first arrow is in those woods behind the target. My sight was set at 59 yards, a bit hot for a 20 yard shot.

I’m not suggesting one release is better than the other. But, there are times where a hinge takes me out of my comfort zone. It’s good to get out of that zone; it seems to eventually take things up a notch.