Sunday afternoon boating and practice

Our skiff in wait

This afternoon before I shot, we took a cruise in our Carolina Skiff. The temperature had reached 65°F (18°C) and it was too nice a day not to take a boat ride. We’d be back in plenty of time for me to waste another arrow.

Cruising Little River we can reach the Albemarle Sound or head west to explore swampy waterways. The wind was going to be a factor on the Sound so we took the boat into the tree-lined creeks.

Swamp cruising

Along the way we passed more boaters than we’ve ever seen on the water here. Quite than a few people, three boats (a lot for us – this is a very quiet river), took time to enjoy the weather, get on the water, and fish. We didn’t fish; we’d only wanted to enjoy the scenery.

When we returned I gathered my archery gear for the afternoon’s practice. I’d finished the morning shooting at 40 yards. Starting my afternoon practice at 20 yards, I discovered, again, I’d not adjusted my sight and sent another arrow into a leaf-covered abyss. On this occasion it didn’t take two shots to figure out my mistake.

Behind this target lies three arrows, all lost by shooting at 20 yards when sighted for 40. I have nearly learned my lesson

It was great to get out on the water and despite wasting an arrow by the afternoon the wind had decreased and practice was good.