Switching Up Plans a Little

Yesterday I switched training up a bit. One of those chores that sometimes mess up plans made the adjustments necessary. That chore was my forth attempt to get a couple of minor repairs completed on my Ford F-150. By minor I really mean minor. A map light replacement and door hand cable replacement.

The cable on the driver’s side door handle had broken and one of the overhead map lights had burnt out. Since the cable replacement meant a trip to the dealership I asked them to replace the light bulb.

They installed the cable wrong causing it to hang up on the window and broke the housing of the overhead lamp when they tried to remove the burnt bulb. Yesterday was another attempt for the dealership to, “Do their best.”

The errand meant no early run. Brenda met me when I dropped off my truck so we could head to the YMCA. There we did our workouts. It felt great to swim and lift weights.

Back home it was a long afternoon of archery practice. I’ve been doing a lot of work at 18-meters. Today, I practiced on a 5-spot, experimenting with my release. I felt good and moved using 5-yard increments out to 60 yards. It is real convenient having room for a range on my lawn.

River demanding a run


Because I’d missed my morning run, and River was a bit too full of energy, we ran just before sundown. Typically the last exercise of the day is cycling. River, however, needed the run more than I did so we headed out. Running at sundown versus sunrise was a pleasant and scenic switch.