Switching Up Practice Schedules

This morning was 3D practice. The usual morning practice has been 18-meters. Today, I changed to give more time to 3D; it is that time of year. Additionally, it gets me out of a routine. Change in sports is good.

It wasn’t easy making the switch. Shooting 18-meters is something I can do all day. It is very addictive. 3D is more of a challenge, having to judge yardage. Since this was practice designed to shoot many repeat shots I judged the yardage then verified my assessment using a range finder.

This practice was about 2 hours and I fired off 60 arrows plus an eight-arrow warm-up. I stopped when my left deltoid told me to take a break. After a rest, lunch, putting up bridge over a creek, washing River (my dog) and a bike ride I’ll begin again in the afternoon.

Mentioning the washing of River, that is a result of 3D practice. She prefers play to watching me shoot. While I shot she: went swimming in the Little River three times, ran down a shallow creek, chewed a small tree, laid in mud, fetched sticks, and wallowed in something dead. The bath was mandatory. At present she is sleeping it off.

This photo was taken at 30 yards, but the shot is from 42 yards. At that distance the target doesn’t photograph well without zooming in. The trees make the target interesting. As you can see though there is a clear shot on the pig.

During practice I labor to make the shots difficult and reasonable. I try to make up positions from where to take aim that might resemble those confronted in a 3D tournament. Because I am self-funded (no big 3D target manufacturers feeding me foam) many of my faux-critters are on the small side. A few are ‘labeled’ back yard targets, but I shoot them from 20 yards to as far out as 40 yards. I’d go further but it would mean either moving them or clearing more of the woods.

Not too bad at 45 yards, 50 hurt me a little

The larger targets I own can be shot as far as 100 yards, but I rarely take those shots. Still, on occasion, and at the risk of an arrow, I throw one or two from that distance. Eight yards seems to satisfy and is more conservative on arrows.

This morning all the shots were recorded. Overall I scored 9.4. On all shots of 40 yards or less I scored a little better at 9.8 (45 shots) The larger shots hurt some and I scored an average of 8.1 on targets from 45 to 50 yards (15 shots). The longer shot average was brought down by my first two arrows at a Cinnamon Bear, which were both fives. I shot them hesitantly being a little worried about missing the target. That bear looks real small at 50 yards.

Just as I completed the last sentence in the paragraph above, River was able to rouse herself up and vomit on the carpet. The upchuck was mostly solid stuff like twigs and grass and perhaps a bit of dead bird. Fortunately, Brenda, my wife, was at Lowe’s buying plants during the upheaval so River and I remain unscathed by the episode.

River is now lounging on the lawn.