Switzerland, that’s one of those Norwegian Countries

We were in Pittsburgh last weekend. Brenda and I drove to the Steel City, where our daughter lives with her family, for a birthday celebration. Actually, there were two celebrations for two granddaughters. The older of the two turned 5 and the youngest is now a one year old.

We didn’t stay with our daughter. Instead we stayed with friends that live in Murrysville. Brenda and I once lived in Murrysville. We made many lasting friends there, but the Western Pennsylvania cold finally drove us away.

I brought gear with me so I could play. There wouldn’t be a lot of free time, grandchildren eat up free time, but there would be time to run and shoot. We were too far away from The Archery’s Edge, where Jeff Falconer works so I found a range in Murrysville. It would have been nice to have seen Jeff, but that wasn’t going to work this trip.


The back up range I found was located at The Ultimate Outdoors in Murrysville. It was smaller than Jeff’s indoor range. I was the only shooter on the range so it worked out fine. As I was leaving one of the people that works at the Ultimate Outdoors told me there was an outdoor range at Boyce Park. I decided to give that a try and headed to the park.


Along the way to Boyce Park I stopped for gas and a Red Bull. The 8.4 oz. can of Red Bull was $2.49. This is expensive even for Red Bull. In NC I pay $2.09 a can at the local New Hope Community Store.

When I mentioned the higher price the clerk gave me a geography lesson. He explained that Red Bull comes from Switzerland. He checked the labeling on the can to verify his pronouncement. Then he added, “Yes, this comes from Switzerland, that’s one of those Norwegian countries.” I paid my $2.49 plus tax and left the geographically wise clerk beaming with shared knowledge and pride.


It was nice to have been able to shoot, even if I didn’t make it to the Archer’s Edge. I learned some people think Switzerland is a Norwegian country.  We celebrated two birthdays. It was great to be back in Pittsburgh.  But, I never did find that archery range at Boyce Park.  Maybe next time.IMG_5054