Taking a day off once every 7 to 10 days is part of my training plan. I used a similar technique for other sports. In archery, the physical demands are the same as in triathlon or cycling. Nevertheless, shooting 100 – 200 or so arrows per day takes a toll.

Having the range to oneself is an early morning treat

While shooting yesterday, during my second session of practice, I knew I was feeling the strain. In the morning practice I’d shot around 84 arrows, give or take a few. By arrow around 42 during the afternoon I was feeling it. So, I put my bow down and called it a day.

Tomorrow I’ll not even pick up my bow until 6:30 PM when I warm up for a 60-arrow league competition. Friday, I’ll not shoot at all and hope I am rested for the Saturday North Carolina State Championship in Advance, NC.

Having some free time on my hands I had a choice to make: go for a long bike ride, take the boat out, or go kayaking. I choose kayaking.

Living on the Little River makes it a breeze to get out on the water. It takes minutes to slide a kayak down a few steps from our lawn onto the river. Even though the temperature was nice, in the upper 60°s, the water is still in the 40°s. I took great pains not to get my feet wet going into the boat. Cold feet at the start of a kayak trip aren’t fun.

The river was totally flat today. I paddled around to Deep Creek and took a look at some of the swampy areas near our home. It was a short trip, only a couple of miles, and I took my time. The trip was about relaxing and enjoying the surroundings.

As I paddled back to my dock I noticed, Brenda (my wife), River and Nixie were out to welcome me home. It was also time to throw sticks into the river for the dogs to retrieve.

River, a lab, has a serious advantage over Nixie, a wired haired dachshund when it comes to, well almost everything. Nixie has no idea she’s a dachshund. She thinks, by way of her actions, that she’s a Labrador retriever.

My morning practiced was limited to an hour and a half. Shortening the afternoon archery practice for other fun sports was a great way to enjoy active recovery and work into a taper. There may be better methods to prepare for an ‘A’ event.  If so, those methods are beyond my current vocabulary.