Terry’s Archery Plus

In December I contacted Mathews about their ProStaff requirements. Their advice was to establish a relationship with my Mathews dealer and enter their ProStaff program through their archery dealer program.

This presented a bit of a problem for me. Eager to find sponsors but living in two states and spending a lot of time in three, Maryland, North Carolina, and Georgia, means I dealt with a number of bow shops. Fortunately, one of my favorite shops, a Mathews dealer,  is Terry’s Archery Plus in Ernul, NC.


I’d only been to Terry’s a few times. There I met Terry Lewis and found him humorous, pleasant, and extremely knowledgeable. As a matter of fact, one my first trip to his Archery Pro Shop, he took a phone call while we were talking. Apparently, the caller had questions because his response into the phone was, “Well, you’ve called the right place, I have lots of answers.” His wit was not lost on me. Since then, I learned Terry has a big heart and a bad hip.

Back to December and my Mathews dilemma – I called Terry from my home in Maryland and explained the situation. When I was in law school I learned a number of things and one is to be direct with questions. I asked Terry if he knew about the Mathews program and if so could be help. His response to me was similar to the one he’d given to another caller months ago, yes he knew and he had answers. One of his answers was that he’d be happy to help me.


On Thursday, we met at his shop for the first time in over a month. When I arrived Terry had several customers. Since we last spoken we’d gone through holidays, hunting, fishing, 4 archery tournaments and the ATA. At his shop in Ernul we visited for nearly two hours. I really didn’t want to leave, but I felt I was using up his time.


While talking with Terry I’d learned about local tournaments, contingency money, the Mathews No-cam bows, large vs. small diameter arrows, peep diameters and metal roof chicken coops. When I left I took a foam deer, loaded in my truck, for practice. I am happy to write that I will be shooting for Terry’s Archery Plus along with my other sponsors. Thanks, Terry!