Test Day


I really wanted a good grade. Any grade equal to or greater than 10.6 points per arrow is a good result. That’s a score of 212 for 20 targets. It wasn’t a good test day.

For the 2017 I have a couple of 3D goals. In order to achieve them I must average no less than 10.25 points per target. The best I’ve shot this year in competition was 10.1 points per target.

After yesterday’s practices I felt strong. I’d been shooting well at 18-meters and 3D. Today, my arrows flew straight, but my yardage was not on mark.

The test goes like this: Using a random number generater I have it select 20 values (the yardage) between 20 and 40. On a piece of paper I write the numbers in a column 1 through 20, then in a column next to that I record the random numbers. For example, the number one, in column one, had the value 26 in the adjacent column, generated by the random numbers, to represent the yardage. In a third column I write down the foam animal to coincide with the columns on the left.

I try to put targets; today anyway, next to yardage that seems tournament realistic. I didn’t put a mosquito next to a 40-yard mark. Sometimes I do write down the targets first and assign them whatever yardage the generator spits out. In that case a mosquito could end up as a long shot. But, today I strived to create shots I will likely see during a tournament. Then, I go out and estimate the yardage per target as they appear on the paper where the data is written. I don’t use a range finder. I record the scores and analyze the practice when its over.

Despite heavy wind, 20 mph off the river, my right and left placement was fine. But, I ended up shooting a boar and two deer high. The boar was a brain fart, just as I released I lifted my bow arm a tad. Well, maybe more than a tad, I shot it through the spine and was lucky not to have lost the arrow.

Both deer were high due to bad placement of the pin. I tend to shoot long shots a bit high but usually no worse than an 8. Today, I managed total three fives on those two deer and that pig, one 5 each. Those scores along with 3 eights and only five 12s (the remainders all 10) ended up scoring 9.45 points per arrow. (You can check the math – 20 shots). I was disappointing and a poor grade.