That Happy Feeling

You know that feeling you get when you reach into a pocket and unexpectedly discover lost cash? Or after you pull the clothes out of the dryer and there’s a freshly washed and dried greenback? It’s free money. It’s your lucky day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one-dollar bill or a twenty. The feeling is the same. Money you hadn’t counted on appearing out of nothing. It’s a good feeling.

You can get that same feeling in archery. Say, for example, you’re shooting a 5-spot. The X ring is big. You shoot five arrows. Sure they’re all in the white. They’ve been landing in the white all day. But, on that last end it looks like one of those arrows has missed the X. It’s still a five and you’re not on a sinking ship. No blueberry. But, that one arrow looks to have missed the X.

Then, as you approach the target to pull your arrows you are surprised. That wayward arrow, you’d been thinking four Xs and a five, is cutting the line. It’s your lucky day a free X. You just knew you’d missed the mark and there’s the arrow smack on the line. It’s a good feeling.

It might only be better if you’d pulled the arrow and when is slid out it was attached to folding currency.