That has kind of hard

After a while shooting dots can become routine.  To keep it fresh changing targets helps.

Shooting at the larger outdoor target face for 50-meters is about the same as shooting at the target face used for 18-meters. The colors are the same, the size changes. It does become a tab repetitive firing arrows into the same color.

Trying something new I used pistol targets.  They’re black with a small orange center.  Sounds good – it wasn’t.

55 yards

The sun, for this practice session, was over my back. The sight I’m using is a small monofilament on a narrow stem.  You guessed it, the pin didn’t illuminate.  Aiming a black stem onto a black target is rough.

It seemed like a good idea at the time

I used the set-up, anyway.  Might as well practice something a bit harder than it has to be in the event that one day I find myself in a similar situation during competition.