That Sight Tape Chore

I don’t own printer. I have not shot my arrows through a chronometer. I’ve forgotten how much they weight. I do know my draw weight.

When changing from my Elite to my Mathews it meant changing my sight. There are nice programs and apps that allow entry of select data and a personalized yardage tape can be created, displayed and printed. If you have the supplies and information a small price can be paid and you too can have the computer generated personalized yardage tape. Having missed that boat, I selected a tape the only way I know – shoot, record, shoot, record and repeat.

It is a tedious process. Even though I reuse the tapes I’ve purchased, every time I change things around there is just a tab bit of difference. Naturally, the more obsessed with getting tape and sight graduations perfect the more shoots need to be taken and it gets even more frustrating. There’s a fine line between the shot being off and the tape being not exactly right. I ended up getting it close enough and will refine it as the days where on.