That was more shooting than I’d expected

On Saturday morning I pulled out a 3-spot and tacked it onto a Block target. I have not shot a 3-spot at 18 meters for anything other than checking my equipment in a while. This wasn’t a practice to check equipment. It was time to pick up my hinge release; I’d switched to a thumb for 3D and field archery. I’d also just gotten my primary bow back from having a new string connected.

Shooting at 18 meters is addicting. Before long was approaching 90 arrows. It seemed like a good place to stop. The new string was ‘off’ relating to my yardage calibration and that would be an afternoon project.

The last time I made a serious practice on a 3-spot leaves weren’t on the trees

During the afternoon all I intended to do was find the graduation marks on my sight and attach the proper yardage tape. That in itself generally takes me more than an hour.

On my range distances from the target have been marked using a tape measure rather than a range finder. Range finders are not as accurate as a tape measure. As such shooting from known distances I found the graduated marks on the sight for the corresponding  20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 yards. Then I identified the matching yardage tape and applied it to the sight. That exercise didn’t take as long as I’d expected.



With more time to spend and feeling fresh I decided to do a test of 18-meters shooting 60 arrows using a hinge release. I shot using a Scott Black Hole Three and didn’t do great. Aiming at a Vegas style 3-spot and counting the smallest ring for 10 I ended up with a 542 and 12 Xs. (The USA Archery 10 Ring Count)

More curious than worried I did another few shots with a thumb release. Clearly there was no improvement. So, I started over with the Black Hole Three and changed that release after 30 arrows to a Scott Pro Advantage. That yielded a 552 with 17 Xx.

Now I was even more curious. I shot another 60 with the Scott Pro Advantage release and shot a 562 with 22Xs. I suppose I’ll stick with the Pro Advantage for a while and see how it goes.

Time to change from a thumb to a hinge.

When I finished shooting for the day it occurred to me that I’d shot over 300 arrows since morning. The weather was nearly perfect, very little wind and the temperature was only 84°F. Not a bad way to spend a day outdoors.