That’s How It’s Been Going

My 2017 average score in 3D has been 9.5. My goal is to reach 10.6 for 20 targets by mid-May, IBO scoring. 3D has not held my complete attention during the early part of 2017. That changed this week. It will become a more focused effort with only outdoor 60-meter practice to interrupt 3D training.

Much of the spring has been spent on 18-meters. That will be put aside for the moment.

To work on 3D I did an initial assessment of where I collected a new base of data over many shots. By many I mean 120 arrows shot into 3D targets. The targets were: bears, badger, turkeys, pigs, a mountain lion, deer and a rabbit. These are not all of my targets but offered a good representation of the sizes I own. With the exception of the rabbit I can shoot all of those targets from 20 to 45 yards or more. I ended this exercise at a maximum of 45 yards. Not all targets were shot at 45 yards.

The test exercise was a bit tough. For example, shooting a badger at 40 yards is a distance where, using pins, you really need to pay attention. Same deal with a turkey. Anyhow, you shoot what’s available or what is presented.

Overall, the average distance didn’t seem so bad, only 28 yards. Average is not where critical shots occur, those happen, in my opinion at the maximum ranges. That’s not to suggest there is ever an easy shot or a hard shot. All shots require the same effort. Still, it is interesting to note that even though some shots occurred at 40 or more yards, more shots happened between 20 to 35 yards, although no specific weight was given to a specific distance. Yards were staked at 20 – 45 at 5 yards increments. In reality there were no stakes in the ground and I didn’t use a rangefinder with this exercise. This was all pins, walking the distance then shooting the distance without further physical distance adjustment.

I stopped after 120 arrows. I didn’t shoot any warm-up shots, as that is often an option not easily assessable at major events. Sure, there are warm-up ranges at those events and on them are all the archers that can squeeze onto a line. For a 0730 start time, which I have at the upcoming ASA in Augusta, I playing with the notion that pre-dawn warm-up practice is not an option.

I scored the practice with IBO rules and shot at ASA distance or more for the class I am shooting in this year. I finished with an average per arrow of 9.7 or 0.9 points per arrow lower than my goal.

I’ll do a random number exercise tomorrow and see how that ends up. This afternoon I’ll be shooting at 60 meters. But, it was a good hard morning practice.

PS. I did shoot 60 meters in the afternoon.  Between sessions I repaired a small tractor.  It should have taken an hour.  It took three because I needed to hunt down a part. By the time I’d shot 30 arrows at 60 meters my arms told me I’d had enough. Plus, it was approaching  suppertime and I was starving.