The Beat Goes On

The Covid-19 pandemic has kept me away from archery groups since June.  There have been no tournaments for me since early June and no going to any range other than those of mine where I hold solo practice.  It has been a good time to work on specific issues that have been plaguing me for months.

Despite warnings from everyone in the medical field many, too many, carefree – it won’t get me – people have been piling together to shoot arrows.  A number of the older folks, my age who I know, in the sport have been avoiding the ongoing tournaments.  We didn’t get old being stupid.

I have noticed, because they’ve posted pictures, a great many younger people all up in each other’s faces shooting arrows.  While the evidence suggests younger people are less likely to exhibit severe symptoms when they catch Covid-19 they can still share it with their older friends and relatives who are more likely to exhibit severe symptoms.

If you think social distancing and masks don’t make any difference take a look at New Zealand and Sweden’s Covid-19 numbers.  Personally, I was hoping Sweden was onto something positive, alas their experiment failed.

You might look and come to the conclusion that New Zealand and Sweden are small compared to America.  They both do have much smaller population than America.  They are each more like a US State in size. So, compare the population where you live to those two countries and draw your own conclusion.

Some of you might suggest the Covid-19 in the US is the result of Democrats trying to make President Trump look bad.  I think you’d have a hard time trying to use this rationale with the Italians, French, British, Brazilians, and even the Russians and Chinese.  In fact, the World seeing the US Democrats as the purveyors of a global hoax a bit far-fetched.

Despite remaining socially distant practice and training remain a routine.  Having just competed a 6-week training cycle I am writing the plan for the following six-weeks.  The prior 6-week plan was 100% about changing the way I’ve been shooting.  The new plan won’t start for a week and the time in-between is being spent shooting strictly for fun during this off week.  The upcoming plan will be refinement of the last 6-week plan.

Essentially, a fun week is a seven-day stretch that includes 2 days of total recover, Wednesday and Sunday. The other five days when I pick up a bow and walk out to my range then I decide what it is I am going to shoot.

For example, today I shot 110 arrows are various yardages before moving over to a 3D black bear shooting it at various yardages without using a range finder.  I kept no data other than the number of arrows shot.  I do limit these sessions to 150 arrows.

Another change made during the prior 6-week was an increase in fitness training.  Granted, I ran and bicycled before the pandemic.  What I did was increase the mileage for both.  Admittedly, I felt the increase more than I expected.

My time stuck home has been used constructively.  Just because I can’t go out and play with others, since I am doing my part in trying not to contribute to the spread of Covid-19, doesn’t mean binge watching TV.