The Big Shooter Buck in the Park

The old Big Shooter Buck finally got a new center. The old center lasted nearly a year before arrows began passing though uninhibited. This deer was inexpensive. The replacement insert wasn’t too pricey either.

Some of these holes wouldn’t even slow an arrow down.

This old deer isn’t the oldest target in the “Park.” The 3D range is now called the “Park.” Brenda, my wife commented that I spend more time keeping he “Park” mowed and trimmed than I do my yard. She’s right. But, the “Park” is filled with snakes and ticks. Keeping it clear reduces the risk that someone will walk up on a water moccasin or rattlesnake. Plus, keeping the grass mowed helps keep the tick population down.

Heading into the Park

The property doesn’t belong to me. It’s belongs to three brothers who don’t live here. They’ve given me permission to use their property. Another neighbor, Jimmy, also uses the land for hunting and storing equipment and his boat. Between the two of us there is always activity in the “Park.”

This old fella is pretty well shot to pieces

The old Big Buck has been the longest resident in the “Park” even though he’s not the oldest target.  A number of targets were hand-me-downs that can still stop an arrow.  But, now the old Big Buck has a new center insert and is ready to receive more arrows.

Time to start wearing out this new center