The Cold and the Rain

The past few days have been windy. Wind is not a friend to archers (or cyclists, unless it’s a tailwind.) We’ve had some rain and earlier in the week it caught me while out running. Playing outside, well, you’re going to have to deal with the elements.

Today, Easter, after breakfast there was time to run and shoot. We’ll be preparing a “big” meal later. Cooking that meal, in part, on the grill in the summer (outdoor) kitchen, now looks ever increasingly like there will be rain.

A little bit to the left, a little bit to the right, and one just where I wanted it.

There was no rain, this morning,  while River and I ran. Also, a bonus, it wasn’t windy. While on the archery range, there was still no wind, but the rain came. It wasn’t a hard rain but it was cold. That combination of cold and wet sent me back inside.

Lately, I’ve been shooting all over the place. I’m not referring to tournaments, I mean all over the place aside from the center of the target. It has been especially bad during 3D shoots. So, practicing 3D is high on the list of areas where I’m looking to improve.

The lower arrow surpassed me, it was on the center line.

I’d hoped to get in a few hours of 3D practice this morning. That didn’t pan out thanks to the rain. I stayed out long enough to get wet enough and cold enough to throw in the towel. Or more accurately, outside long enough to seek out a dry towel.

Last shot before heading inside

When I raced bikes I used to say, “I can take the cold or I can take the rain, but I can’t take the cold and the rain.” That remains true for archery.