The Nock Gnome

I finished my morning practice with the same six arrows with which I’d started. This was pretty easy because I’d shot paper,  a 3D deer and the distance was 20 to 65 yards. I’d not lost any arrows to fallen foliage.

Mr. 3D deer

During the afternoon I wanted to concentrate on 50 to 60 yards. I warmed up at 20 yards then backed to 40 getting a few more warm up shots before getting down to business.

With me I had six arrows. The very same six I’d used that morning. I just taken four shots and looked to my quiver for the remaining two arrows. There, for no obvious reason was a nock naked arrow.

This isn’t the first time one of my arrows has been stripped of a nock. Where did that nock go I wondered? I checked the ground around my target – no nock. I traced the path I’d been walking – no nock.

At other times, after checking and loading arrows into their protective tube prior to a tournament, I arrived to discover a no nock arrow. There would be no nock in the tube. It’s like socks that vanish in the dryer.   Is there a fissure in the universe that absorbs both nock and sock?

The physics of a universal fissure is beyond my comprehension. That is more up Stephen Hawking’s avenue. I can’t blame this on theft by a Yeti, I’d have noticed a Yeti. I am singling out garden gnomes gone wild as the culprit behind my missing nocks.