The Weather Dealing with Me

This past few days the weather has been on and off as far as outdoor archery goes. For example, morning practice seemed like it was going to be ideal for shooting 20 yard 3-spot. No wind, slightly overcast (meaning the sun wasn’t going to be a problem) and a decent temperature.

Finally, I could move out of my shed and shoot entirely under the sky. I disassembled my tower of targets, old shot up blocks supported by cement blocks balancing a fairly intact block at its apex, from in front of the shed to parallel with the driveway.

Within minutes of that maneuver the wind picked up and was pushing white caps across the river toward my position. The tower of targets was deconstructed and remanded to its prior placement.

The Tower of Targets

Shooting out of the shed is not a bad arrangement. But, the thousands of times I walk back and forth over the same lane on the lawn is beginning to make a trail. Walking over the driveway leaves no evidence of back and forth hiking.

Sure, I do vary the shed to target lane passage; still the wear and tear of my feet are taking a toll on the grass. Here I apply a liberal use of ‘grass’ since much of my lawn is weed. Mowed low and with causal observation, the lawn is green and for me satisfying. A bald lawn is less gratifying.

Wearing a path in the lawn

In the afternoon, when the wind typically is more forceful than mornings, I head over to woods and practice 3D. Today was just fine. Yesterday, not so fine.

It looked like the overcast morning had progressed into what could be rain. As I headed to the shed to grab my bow there was not a drop falling.

This bear is beginning to show the rain

Entering the 3D range a very light sprinkle began to fall. Not enough to drive me to cover. Ten minutes into shooting I was headed for cover. Approaching the shed, the rain stopped -I headed back to the range. A few shots fired and again I was in retreat. As I approached the safety of a roof, the rain subsided.

I repeated this game of chase with the weather a bit longer. I lost.