The Weather

It is raining.  I’ll need to wait to practice archery.  The rain, not heavy did not delay running.  It will delay archery.

Yes, we shoot in the rain during competition.  I’ve practiced in the rain in hopes the effort would provide a little extra preparation for the day I end up competing in the rain.  It has happened. The rain practice didn’t really help.

The weather report is on television.  The local weather reporter just stated, “It is raining so expect the roads to be wet.” His declaration caught me attention. Raining and roads are wet – who knew?

The weather guy is very excited because conditions are right for Georgians to be on the look out for a tornado.  Currently, there is no wind nearby and birds are flying around my window.  However, the conditions are right for the potential of a tornado over 100 miles away from me.

Then the guy on TV, absolutely shaking with potential tornado excitement, let’s all viewers in on a life saving app.  The local news weather app is available for free.

This app will let users know their current weather conditions and let them know what to do. For example, when it is raining outside your house the app suggests to you that rain is wet and an umbrella or raincoat will help you stay dry.  The weather app will let someone know that it is cold outside and wearing a sweater will help keep one warm.  (This is the South, a sweater is usually plenty.)  This weather app continues to alert smart phone aficionados when the temperature rises and light clothing is the apparel for the day.

The local weather app is as useful as the fellow on the television now predicting more winds since they’ve seen wind speed up to 55 mph in one area near Alabama.  He’s added the specific area of 55 mph winds is breaking up but everyone viewing still needs to be on high alert.  Despite the warning he did ask for viewers to send him any pictures of damage, like downed limbs, so that he might better tell the story. Getting pictures means going outside.  He forgot to suggest a raincoat. He probably thought anyone brave enough to step outside in rain already has the local weather app.

The smart phone weather app, I highly recommend especially for anyone that has just arrived here.  By here I do mean Earth.