The Younger Archers and Me

It can be a little weird being the oldest person in the room. Often I’m the oldest person nearly everywhere I go where their or other athletes. Sure, there are plenty of people over 60 in sport. I’m just not crossing paths with many of them.

This is abundantly apparent during archery league shoots. Some of the archers I shoot against aren’t much older than my grandchildren. And here’s the thing – they are all really good.

By really good I mean youngsters that already have professional backing. One of their fathers, during a 3D tournament, explained to me his son, in high school, earned over $70,000 shooting his bow last year.

The other night, I listened to a conversation about geometry class between ends and the speaker hasn’t missed an X in weeks. He’s plastering the walls of the indoor range with vertical 3-spots whose centers are completely shot out.

Last week’s league was tense. I found myself in a 1-arrow shoot off with one of these rising stars. We both hit the X. My arrow was farther from exact center.

In my defense on that defeat, I was shooting skinny outdoor arrows versus the larger diameter indoor arrows. 18-meter shooting is not my concentration until after September 16th and my last outdoor tournament for the year is history. When that’s done I change my bow over to match my fat arrows. Still, it was humbling not winning.

The thing about shooting with such elite archers it improves my game. I still haven’t shot a 3-spot 600, but I am getting closer to that mark.