The Mathews ZXT isn’t their top shelf product. I bought this one for hunting. The price was right and its size meant carrying it in the woods and up a tree stand would be easier than a longer heavier bow. The reviews on the product for 3D competition aren’t the best I’ve read and the bow speed isn’t the fastest. But, I really like this bow.

IMG_1379While practicing with my Mathews Apex 7  I felt my arrow placement was faltering. My ZXT was in my truck so I left the indoor range and got that bow. I decided to shoot it for a bit to see how it felt.

I took a few shots to sight it – I hadn’t shot it indoors weeks.  Once I got it sighted I took ten shots on a 5-spot.


Every arrow was in the X or cutting the line. Not a bad light quiet bow for a decent price.  Later, I learned from an experienced bow technician that Ider wheel (cam) on the top limb of the Apex 7 is leaning a bit off center.