Third Annual Trip to Wildcat.

Three years ago, while in Savannah, GA, I discovered Wildcat Archery in nearby Pooler, GA. Naturally I visited the shop where they informed me there would be an indoor league competition during my stay in Savannah. An archery novice I had never shot in a competitive situation. It seemed like it would be fun so I joined the event.

Wildcat Archery in Pooler, GA

In that – for me inaugural – tournament the targets were paper screened with animals. I recall being nervous, I didn’t even know how to score. After the shooting was completed I was quietly happy to have not missed an entire paper animal.

A year later, another trip to Savannah, and again on the path to Pooler to practice at the Wildcat indoor range. Their range is small and can handle a line of about 6 archers. But, it’s well illuminated and their backstops are nice. It’s an ideal range for practice.

December 2016 now in my third year of shooting ( actually three years, three months, and 4 days) I found myself back in Savannah. I also learned Wildcat Archery’s 5-spot league was having their final night of competition during my hometown visit. Pooler was again on my itinerary.

I like 5-spots because shooting a 300 seems somewhat possible. Hitting a 60X 300 is a  challenge, but a whole bunch easier than getting a 60X 600 against a 3-spot using the smallest ring as the ten (the USA Archery scoring method.) That 60X/600 remains elusive to me for now.

My practice of late has been exclusively shooting a 3-spot. This in preparation for the USA Archery Indoor Nationals. I expected to shoot well at the Wildcat Archery’s event.

The Wildcat’s final league shoot was scheduled to start at 7 PM. I’d planned to leave from Windsor Forest in Savannah a little before 6 PM. The 18-mile drive should take around 30 minutes according to Mapquest and my Garmin GPS.

Inside Wildcat Archery

Since moving from Savannah in the 80’s a lot has changed. I’m rarely there and retain my Old Savannah traffic memory.  I’ve been stuck in a lot of nasty traffic in cities like: London, Boston, Atlanta, Paris, Singapore and New York. Those cities stand out as miserable places to drive. Of smaller cities Norfolk, Virgina takes the bad traffic prize.

I’d allowed an hour and 10 minutes for the Wildcat drive.  It seemed ample time to make an 18-mile journey leaving plenty room to pay the $10.00 registration fee and take some warm up shots.

The plan to arrive early was a flop.  Traffic was shockingly bad – not how I’d remembered Savannah.  The trip to Pooler felt more like a drive in Norfolk.  Still, I arrived it in time to pay my ten bucks and have a few practice shots before our five shot official practice prior to scoring.

When it was all over I didn’t shoot a 300.  I was seriously disappointed.  I’d let an off centered target get the best of me as we began.  After a few frustrating shots, I figured, ‘oh well, I’m a bit off line’ and ended up with a 296.  I’ll wait to see what it is that will draw me back to Wildcat Archery in Pooler in 2017.