Time to Ease Off a Little

A few too high, a few too low, some just right. Looking for the “just right” shots this coming weekend at the USA Indoor Nationals.

First few warm up shot

Practice was hard today! Over the past 8 days I’ve shot in four competitions. Additionally, I’ve put in a lot of practice. Even though I’ve only ridden by bicycle once and run three times over the past 7 days, trying to spend as much time as possible shooting, I admit I am beat.

Today, I practiced on a vertical three spot. I used a stopwatch to time my work. I averaged one arrow every 26 seconds. That meant of the two minutes for shooting there was 42 seconds remaining. This is par over the past few months. It’s also probably too fast. The good thing is my scores are creeping higher.

A few months ago I was shooting on average 556. The past few weeks, with the exception of the NC State Championship, that average has moved up to 570 with 30 tens and 30 nines. Practice ended with a score of 566. Yesterday, after the 3D tournament I shot a 570. That score would have landed me 8th at the Nationals in 2016. My two top scores over two days, it is a two-day event, during the past several weeks would have landed me in 1st by 3 points.

Until next weekend I think I’ll focus on some easy practice, active recovery, and a get little more rest.