Time to Put 18-Meters on Pause

In one day I’ll be moving away from 18 meters for about 3 months. I like 18 meters. You shoot three arrows, take a short repetitive walk of 36 meters then shoot three more arrows. Lately, using my iPhone connected to speakers, I’ve been playing music in the background while I practice. It is my understanding that all the USA Archery indoor events will forever more be playing non-stop music. At first I found it annoying. Now it helps pass the time spent walking back and forth.

I don’t even mind the walk. It’s a rather enjoyable few minutes to reflect. For example, today I considered how it was that I kept shooting around the X and just missing. From 18 meters away it seemed I was hitting the X. Up close the truth was revealed and I was hitting the nine about as often as the X.

If I’d tried to do this, I’d have failed
If either of those top two shots had been to the right that little fellow might have been squashed.

On another trip I was pondering over a bug. This insect seemed fearless. It landed on a target and stayed put for arrow after arrow. Maybe he was trying to impress another insect or was there on a dare. Perhaps not a super hero of bug bravery because it kept to the blue ring. I didn’t image the fly knew the color blue but just maybe could somehow sense a safe distance. It was there so long I had time to decide a photograph would make for solid evidence of its courage. On the next 36-meter trek I brought my iPhone, disconnected from the speakers, and there half way into the walk, it was waiting for a cover.

Eventually, I began to fatigue. My shots less centered and my mind no longer in the game. It had been hot, 87°F. Shooting from inside my shed the temperature felt closer to 97°F. I’d already shot up three sheets of targets and was on my fourth when an 8 announced it was time to wind down for the day.

Yep, time to call it a day

Eighteen meters is fun. The NC Outdoor State Championship is in July. So, with than on the horizon it’s time to add more steps to my walking. I’ll be back at 18 meters before it gets too distance from memory.