Trail Running on the 3D Range

Brenda, my wife, was headed to the YMCA for several hours of training. When she asked if I was going, I said, “No, today I want to do a long run.” I could do a long run on a treadmill – if my life depended on it. But, in all other circumstances I’d rather run outside. She headed to the Y while I headed outside.

Canada Geese enjoy less frequented country roads – also good for running humans

Initially, I was going to cut through the woods and head out along a long country road. Once I go started, I stayed on trails.

Heading down a trail toward a mountain lion on the range

The trails are cut through a dense southern-forested parcel of land. The area where I’ve made trails and cleared paths for 3D targets in total covers a circumference of less than a mile. The paths are nice for easy mountain bike rides and running as well as reaching the 3D targets. For running and cycling, it does mean making laps.

After several laps my run is beginning to create a path within the leaves on the path

The road I run results in an out and back with some nice off detours to run or ride off road. Having started in the woods, today, I changed my mind regarding the road and continued running laps. Either course would have been fine, but today the trail running was just a bit finer.

To add to the run I paced around on an inter-circle on the range