Training, Training, and More Training

This morning I shot a Vegas style 3-spot. Mid-day I swam, lifted weights and ran. My afternoon 3D practice seemed like an endurance sport.

The 3-spot practice was 60 arrows with 6 for warm up. Shooting outside and dealing with some wind I ended up with a 594 and 22 Xs. Tomorrow I’ll practice indoors and see if I can improve that score. (20 yards.)

I drove to the YMCA in Elizabeth City to begin my next round of training. Remaining a bit sore from the race on Saturday I hoped the swim would work out some of my stiffness. Swimming was first up for this indoor session. Believe me, that first plunge into just about any pool will open your eyes.  Today was no exception.

In the lane next to me was an ex-collegiate swimmer. He’s faster than me. However, when we hit the wall together the next lap, at least in my mind, became e a race. I’d planned to limit my swim to a kilo, maybe a bit further if I felt good.  After doing intervals against a better swimmer I stuck to the 1 kilo plan.

We talked a bit before I left the pool. He was doing a 4 K workout. He shared with me he’d done some triathlons in the 80’s when they were getting popular. I never mention to strangers at a gym I’ve done a lot of triathlons. However, I have the tattoo (triathletes know which I mean) and that frequently inspires others to initiate a conversation regarding the matter of their former greatness.

It was hard not to rain on his parade but I was polite and remained silent.  I’ve found it’s best to be quiet when listening to someone regale their past accomplishments.

I left Aqua Man to finish is workout and headed to showers. For some reason this YMCA keeps the men’s locker room cold enough to store meat. It didn’t take long to hit a shower turned to full heat. I like to thaw before lifting weights.

Weight lifting proved that swimming a kilometer does not take soreness out of muscles. As a precaution, against damaging something of mine (like a back, arm, or leg), I reduced the normal amount of weight I lift on nearly every exercise. Then came the run.

David Clark, Ultra Runner, knocking out 100 miles on a treadmill (18 hour, 28 minutes)

I hate running on treadmills. I know a fellow, David Clark, who is an ultra distance runner. A few days ago he ran 100 miles on a treadmill in a little over 18 hours. Personally, and no offense David you are an amazing athlete, but that is a special kind of crazy. I ran 3 miles in under 30 minutes. I was ready to get off the treadmill at 0.5 miles. If I need to run long distances trails are the best and anywhere outside beats running on a treadmill.

Training inside is a necessity for all athletes. At some point every sport requires  specific or general indoor activity. The entire time I’m in a gym or at the pool I’m daydreaming about getting outside.   So, when I got home I was ready to get onto the 3D range.

1st shot of this practice. Cinnamon bear at 40 yards

On the range I shot 20 targets. Nine shots were 35 yards or greater (up to 50), eight were between 25 and 35 yards, and 3 were less than 25 yards. I was doing great until targets 17 and 18, a mosquito and mountain lion, respectively.

This deer at 40 yards was hard. I had no umbrella and the glare off of my scope was intense. It is impossible to hold an umbrella and shot at the same time.

The mosquito was at 20 yards and I scored a 5. The mountain lion was at 43 yards and I hit an eight. I was certainly running low on steam but hit 12’s on the last two animals, a pig and wolverine from 33 and 23 yards. I ended up with a 203 for the practice.

Yes, there a badger setting in those bushes.

Now, having written this and had a rest, I’ll head out for an easy active recovery bike ride.

I needed this 12.
And I’m done!