Travel Pains

When I left the medical/business world I was happy to leave the traveling behind.  Then, I traveled every week and one weekend per month.  These weren’t short trips.  I had an office in Boston and in Jerusalem – as in Israel. I lived in Easton, Maryland at the time.

During the last two decades where I’ve conducted business or been part of a medical congress I traveled to nearly every country in Europe, as well as many countries in Asia-Pacific, Australia and the middle east. I’ve also traveled to every State in America except Alaska – I did fly over it often. I’ve been to Canada and parts of South America as well as the Caribbean. Some places where better than others.  All meant stays in hotels – frequently long stays in hotels.

When we sold the business, a medical company (Oridion Medical), I thought my traveling days were behind me. Then, I took up archery.

I wrote this from a hotel room in Olean, NY.  It was August 6th and by car I have traveled 12,138 miles to compete in archery tournaments.  The travel still is about the same, the income is vastly different. Fortunately, I can afford the expense (thanks in part to my prior travel). What is bad is being away from my wife, my dogs, and my home on the water.

We’ve been considering buying an RV for 2016 so we can all travel together. That might be an adventure. Then, maybe it would be a headache in the long run.  Looking forward to 2016, I can foresee a lot more travel.