Trouble with a 5-Spot

Shooting the same target over and over can become a bit mind numbing. It’s probably a good thing to break up training plans to keep practice fresh. This morning the variation was a change from a 3-spot to a 5-spot. It was rough.

Time for a break from this

The weather, as previously promised, turned windy and cold. Despite the arctic blast that is upon us, early morning is time to get going around here.

The first run of the day wasn’t bad despite the sub-freezing temperature. It wasn’t bad because I didn’t run far. River, my Labrador retriever running partner, thrives in the cold.  Vigilant efforts are required to keep her out of the water after a run. I don’t really mind that she’s been swimming. I just don’t want to dry her off after she’s had a dip. I am not always successful.

After the morning run, and following a general thawing of my face and hands, I headed to the shed from where I shoot. In the shed there is a small gas heater that helps on frigid days. Without this shed and the luxury of heat shooting on days like this are miserable.

This bow is an excellent conductor of cold. Had to let it warm up before shooting.
Winter 3D training

Shooting 3D on similar days I wear everything I can and still shoot a bow. I keep a glove on my bow hand and hand warmers in my pocket for the other hand. Today, I didn’t have to deal with that type of practice.

Perfect place to warm-up a release

Still, I wore plenty of garments in hope of staying reasonably comfortable. By the time I got to shooting, after the run, it had warmed up to 31°F (-0.5 C for those of you that use celsius) If the temperature wasn’t enough to deal with there was the wind. White caps kicking up on the Little River were visual confirmation of the wind chill that reduced conditions to 21°F (-6.1C).

I’d considered driving into Elizabeth City to practice indoors at PGF Archery. It’s a hike from here to there and I decided I’d rather be cold than make the drive.

The protection of the shed made some positive difference. At least the wind was off of me. The little heater did it’s best and kept me somewhat warmed. Still, I could see my breath. I’d shoot 5 arrows, pull the arrows, stand in front of the heater, thaw out, and shoot some more. It could have been worse and was if I add in my arrow placement.

This didn’t hold true.

While I did shoot a 300 (out of 300 for folks that don’t know archery) I only hit the X 40 times. At least there were no blueberries.