Twelve Months of Putting It On the Line.

A complete year has passed since I began recording this adventure of archery and outdoor activities. During that time 84,846 people read 176,746 of the pages on this site. It also had 1,222,538 hits.

The average length of time people spend on the site is 3.1 minutes. That’s about the amount of time it takes to read a daily post. Eight percent (8%) of readers stayed on the site from 15 minutes to an hour. A small percentage (1%) has stayed on the site for over an hour.

I am pleased so many people are interested in archery and other outdoor activities. I am happier still you’ve been able to overlook my frequent editorial errors. I am also proud that several articles from this site have been reprinted and others are forthcoming in hard print.1

Thanks, again, for reading.



1.) Lain, D: An Archer’s Day and In Trouble Again. North Carolina Bowhunter Magazine. Winter 2015 pp. 28-30.