Two too high and two too low

Yesterday morning I shot from 20 to 60 yards. From 45 yards and further I removed my yardage stakes and practiced judging the distance. At 60 yards I was a tad off.On my first two shots I hit high. I’d seen through my binoculars the first arrow was up. To make sure it wasn’t my sway I fired off a second, which smacked into the first. Two shots too high.

Yes, I see the litter on the ground. I’ll pick it up.

So, I did was anyone would consider, I raised my sight. The first shot was a bit low. To verify, once again, whether or not it was sway I shot a second. The second smacked into the first. Two shots too low.

In 3D so much depends on getting the distance right. After 50 or 60 arrows I stopped for lunch. If the rain holds I’ll practice some more in the afternoon following a bit of recovery for my arms. Hopefully the afternoon shots will be just right.

2 thoughts on “Two too high and two too low”

  1. I totally agree. Yardage judging is one of the most critical skills we 3d shooters need to work on constantly. Experience and lots of practice is the only way to improve it!

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