USA Archery Coaching Program

Over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend (March 17th and 18th), rather than celebrate, I attended a USA Archery Level 1 and Level 2 NTS Coaching class. The class was tough.  It was to prepare student to become instructors.  I passed the two-day workshop.

In order to complete the program I took and passed a number of required “Safe Sport” courses. I had my background check completed and submitted before I took the two-day workshop.

The results of the workshop on coaching are at USA Archery. This I know because they confirmed they had the results.

I was issued a range pass on March 25th. After checking I was unable to find any indication I’d completed the coaching program. I sent an email on March 30th and got a response on April 5th. The response indicated that USA Archery had my results and I might expect a notice of completion in a matter of days. Today, April 10th, there has been no acknowledgment that I completed the program.

Let me just state that the early enthusiasm for the program is diminished.