Warming Up in North Carolina

The weather is getter warmer. No longer is it necessary to bundle up to shoot outdoors. Running is easier, not needing to wear layers of constricting apparel. Cycling is better and feet don’t freeze.

The warmer mornings has allowed me to wear Five-Finger minimal shoes. When it is really cold, my feet can’t take it. The Five-Finger slip on shoes are close to running barefoot. I don’t run in them for any specific training or orthopedic reason, they are for fun. This morning they were indeed fun.

After the morning archery practice Brenda and I headed to the YMCA in Elizabeth City. She does cardio workouts and I lift weights. Of the many exercises on my training plans weight lifting is important to all the sports where I compete. So, I’m in the gym several days a week.

While at the Y I try to swim. I’ve not been in the pool for the past week. A spill left me with some road rash and that needs to heal before I hop into any pool. Sure, the pool attendants add solutions that are suppose to help kill bacteria. Some folks might put their trust in that process. Not me, I know too many people don’t have good pool etiquette and there’s no way I swimming in what they have voided into the water while I have road rash.

Cycling when the temperature is in the 70’s is great. I was a tad windy here – it always is – but the roads are nearly empty of traffic and that is a real bonus.

Warm, windy, sunny and car-free roads to ride.

Here in rural North Carolina, on the coast, you can ride past farms, fields, rivers, sounds, an ocean, or swamps within a short time on a bike. Today I pasted fields and swamps. It wasn’t a hard ride, just a simple slow relaxing pace. I needed to save a bit for the afternoon 3D practice.

Cycling from farms to swamps on the coast of NC

Later in the afternoon, shooting with River was, as usual, interesting. Throughout the session she pointed out targets, checked arrow placement, and barked encouragement. Occasionally, I had to throw a stick. But, she’s a great running partner and coach (to some degree).

River suggesting a target and distance.

Having lived in big cities (Atlanta, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland) it is great to get back to my roots in the country. In rural America it is real easy to enjoy the outdoors. For someone that doesn’t mind the heat, the warmer the better when playing outside.