We’re Here to Play – Right?

River hangs out with near me during archery practice. She walks through the woods during 3D practice or keeps a stoic eye on me while I shoot dots. Throughout it all goes swimming, chews sticks, and at times requests a toss. Usually she is pretty well behaved. This morning she was out of control.

Are you ready for this?

It seemed to her, my impression since she doesn’t speak English, that she was determined to ruin practice. River had only one thing on her mind – play. From her barking, hopping, running, and banging into me River gave the impression that she wanted me to stop shooting.

Throw that stick I just dropped on your foot

River doesn’t have a real grasp on the need to practice at any sport. She measures sports in degree of play. That is, how much fun can she have?

Oh yeah, that was good

Running is fun for both of us. She takes off, we often meet up with her friend Coco and she joins our run. When the run is over it is time for archery practice. Some mornings, River isn’t ready to loosen her grip on the playtime. This was one of those mornings.

I’m going to chew this for a minute then we can start over – you wait right there, don’t even think about touching that bow.

Archery can be a challenge, more so when a 97-pound Labrador retriever has her mind set on playing with the archer. It is difficult to take aim with a big dog essentially barking in your face and dropping sticks on your feet.

I couldn’t handle the temptation and within 45 minutes the bow was put away and the game was in full session. Some days we just have to play.