“What the heck am I doing.”

There are days when I think, “What the heck am I doing.” The past few days have been among them.

Archery is a humbling sport. Just when you think things are getting good well things fall apart. Lately, my shots have been flying all over the place. That is all over the yellow ring and just away from the center. To be fair some arrows land in the center. To be sure, not of enough arrows have been landing in the center. It leads to a degree of frustration.

That level of irritation is complied with the pressure of knowing I have not been shooting enough 3D. All the time being spent on 18-meters has limited the occasion where 3D takes priority.

From around 9:00 AM this morning until noon I flung arrows 18-meters. Back and forth I walked to collect arrows that seemed to land all around the center. Only 12% of the 100 plus projectiles smacked home with all the others scoring nines. It was truly aggravating.


Of the last six shots the first 2 landed in the nine ring and then an X. The next 3 were all Xs. I decided to stop on a high point, rest and head back out after lunch.