What’s up with this arrow?

I’ve been shooting Black Eagle Challenger arrows for several months. Black Eagle isn’t a sponsor and until the matter here had no particular affinity, one way or the other, for their products. I shoot them because they’re what I could easily get my hands on.

Until I shot Black Eagle arrows, my choices were Bemen or Easton. The reason, well it was what the local shop at that time, in Maryland, sold. Sure, I could go online and order any number of arrow brands, but I played the convenience card and it won.


I shoot a lot and put any arrow through a test.  Often that test is find-ability during 3D practice or on a rare occasion during a tournament.  The Black Eagle arrows have held up well.  But, there has been what I’d call, a minor issue with a few of the arrows I purchased. The PS23 Pin bushing fell out of three arrows. A couple of the pin nocks were too loose and would slip or twist.

The nock problem was corrected by purchasing  an extra package of pin nocks and moving through the nocks until I found one with a tight fit. The bushing problem was a bigger concern and one that required more thought.

The bushings could be glued in place, obviously. But, three bushings ‘fell out’ and all were lost except one. My concern was that, even glued in place, I don’t know why the internal diameter of the arrow and the external diameter of the bushing, on these three, didn’t precisely match. All of the others (3 dozen, to date, in total) matched perfectly.

Rather than take a chance on a questionable arrow I did the safest thing, I sacrificed the three arrows. You might think this was a waste of money – I’d agree. However, getting them replaced locally would have cost me more in time, gas money, and effort than I had to spare. At that point, I hadn’t considered notifying the manufacturer.

When I decided to write post this, I sent Black Eagle a draft prior to publication.  I was impressed by the immediate response.  They offered to replace the arrows with the too loose bushings, but I’d already tossed them.  It didn’t feel is was right to accept their generous offer.  C’est la vie.

It is important to me that a company stand behind its products and support customers.  Randy Kitts, the owner and President of Black Eagle Arrows did just that – he did not hesitate and responded to my email containing the first draft of this writing. His concern didn’t seem to be what I’d written.  He was eager to make things right for me. In my opinion, that’s how to conduct business.

The key point here isn’t to bash Black Eagle (in fact quite the opposite); it is to remind everyone to inspect his or her arrows. If you have a questionable arrow – don’t shoot it. Get some help from the manufacturer or replace the arrow.