When the body says rest.

The past few weeks have been hectic. Everyday has been consumed with hours of shooting, running, weight lifting, cycling, and some swimming. Add to that the cleaning up after Hurricane Matthew. Today, it caught up with me.

It’s been coming, that level of physical fatigue where the mind wants to continue but the body screams rest. It is important to rest. I make efforts to find one day in 7 or 10 where I do minimal physical activates. This was that day.

Time for a short break.

I didn’t run, I did ride my mountain bike, easily. And I only shot about 30 arrows. Throughout even that little bit of “active recovery” I hurt. Even, River, my lab, seemed a bit tired.


It’s not an unwelcome hurt. It’s that ache of fatigue where if pushed you can do more even if you don’t really mentally want to push. So, after 30 or so shots, I put my bow away and stopped exercising. Tomorrow is another day.